With Sambang, Bhabinkamtibmas Invites Residents to Create Conducive Kamtibmas

Makassar, Giat sambang is one of the routine duties of Bhabinkamtibmas members by carrying out visits to the fostered community, in addition to establishing a closer relationship as well as conveying security and social security messages in order to create a conducive Sitkamtibmas.

As was done by Bhabinkamtibmas Tamalanrea Indah Tamalanrea Police Brigadier Nurdin who visited the inmates at Hamzy BTN RW 2 Tamalanrea Indah Makassar, Tuesday (22/3/2022).

On this auspicious occasion, Brigadier General Nurdin conveyed messages on security and social order and invited the public to increase awareness and to jointly participate in maintaining environmental security in order to prevent disturbances to security and order.

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“So that any information or the slightest problem that occurs in the surrounding environment should be reported to the head of the RT/RW, village officials, Bhabinkamtibmas and or Babinsa”, he said.

In a separate location, the Head of the Tamalanrea Police, Kompol Dr. Saharuddin, SH, MM said that as the front guard of the Police institution, bhabinkamtibmas must establish communication and build cooperation with all levels of society to create a safe and conducive kamtibmas so that the presence of the Police can be felt by the community who have duties as servants, protectors and protectors of the community, he concluded.

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