TNI – POLRI Synergy, Monitors the Implementation of Covid Vaccinations at the Tamalanrea Health Center

MAKASSAR –Bhabinkamtibmas Buntusu Tamalanrea Sector Police Aipda M. Iqbal and Babinsa 12-1408 Sergeant Abd Malik synergized to monitor the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination at the Tamalanrea Health Center, BTP Blok AB, Buntusu Makassar, Thursday (24/03/2022).

Cameras monitored by media crews, enthusiastic community members who will carry out vaccines organized by medical personnel at the Tamalanrea Health Center

Aipda M. Iqbal said, together with Babinsa Serka abd malik, they carried out active monitoring of vaccinations for residents and coordinated with health center medical personnel to ensure activities were carried out in an orderly and safe manner, he said.

“This vaccination activity is intended for vaccine doses 1, 2, Boster, vaccines for the elderly and vaccines for children”

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Separately confirmed the Head of the Tamalanrea Police, Kompol Dr. Saharuddin, SH, MM said the TNI, Polri and government agencies always synergize in the success of the covid 19 vaccination program for the community in an effort to accelerate the formation of herd immunity to prevent the transmission of the covid 19 virus.

The police chief added, “We continue to socialize and educate residents to continue to comply with health protocols even though we have received the covid vaccination, hopefully the covid pandemic can end soon,” he concluded.

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