Superintendent and School Development Disdik Sulsel, Petta Anwar Pallime during his visit to SMAN 15 Makassar advised to keep paying attention to the cleanliness of the school environment

MAKASSAR – Petta ANWAR PALLIME, as Superintendent and School Development. Disdik Sulsel conducts Monitoring of School Exam Activities (US) On the first day, Monday, March 21, 2022 at SMAN 15 Makassar.

In the monitoring of the school exams at SMAN 15 Makassar, the Head of UPT SMAN 15 Makassar, BUNYAMIN, S. Pd. M.SI. and accompanied by the Deputy Head of Public Relations Drs. Ali Syahbana Abu., M. Pd. together with the Chair of the Committee/Vice Head of Curriculum, Muslihin, M. S. Pd.

In this monitoring activity, apart from looking directly at the front of the room. Petta ANWAR PALLIME also reminded the Committee and Head of UPT SMAN 15 Makassar to keep paying attention to the cleanliness of the environment inside and outside the school.

In addition, in US monitoring. Continue to report activities on the implementation of the School Examination Evaluation (EUS), while the data obtained are the management of the US implementation. Namely Independent. The applications used are Android – Based Test, the mode of implementation, Online Synchronpus, participants in the School Exam, Science majors, L-69, P-118, 1 person absent, and Social Studies majors, L ’43, and P-50 the number of attendees was 93 people. The number of participants who attended was 281 out of 282 people.

Furthermore, the committee consists of 21 people, room supervisor, 33 proctors, 1 technician, 2 people, 1 security or equipment officer, one room consists of 15 people, and 1 supervisor for each room.

In the implementation of the School Examination Evaluation, all aspects are fulfilled, among others, the committee’s decree accompanied by a description of its duties, US room plan, US implementation schedule, supervisor and participant regulations, Attendance list, participants in accordance with KR 02, Hafir list of organizers of grid documents and question cards, minutes of the US Implementation, US POS documents and correspondence, room supervisory technicians and Integrity pact documents for the Organizing Committee and Supervisors.

In the results of monitoring the implementation of US at SMAN 15 Makassar, it was stated that it was carried out in accordance with the main tasks and functions in the POS document for the School Examination on the first day.
Petta ANWAR PALLIME report.