Leading Morning Call, Police Tamalanrea Chief Emphasizes Personnel Discipline

Makassar, Tamalanrea Police Chief Kompol Dr. Saharuddin, SH, MM led the morning rally at the Police Tamalanrea Headquarters yard, Monday (21/3/2022)

Observed by the media crew, this morning’s call was also attended by Deputy Chief of Police AKP M Nawir, Kanit, Panit, Kasi and Brigadier of the Police Tamalanrea.

In his direction, the Head of the Tamalanrea Police, Kompol Dr. Saharuddin, SH, MM emphasized the discipline of personnel in carrying out their duties, especially the presence of the morning assembly

The morning call is an obligation for every member of the National Police, in addition to listening to the leadership’s directions, it is also to check the discipline of personnel, he said.

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Commissioner Dr. Saharuddin, SH, MM said, for the security and security situation in the Police Tamalanrea jurisdiction in the past week it was still relatively safe and conducive, for crimes that occurred in the domination of theft cases, so that the incident attracted the attention of the Criminal Investigation Unit, Intelkam and Binmas.

The Tamalanrea Police Chief added, “Soon we will enter the month of Ramadan, there are several work programs on the agenda of Tripika Tamalanrea, namely Friday Safari, Ramadhan and Safari Kamtibmas.

At the end of the directive, the Police Tamalanrea Chief thanked the personnel who had carried out police duties well, on behalf of the leadership, We thank you, he concluded

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